Anton Breuder

Crime Boss of Daveryn


Daveryn was, before its conquest, a thriving port city ruled by a less than competent duke. Therefore, it was also a haven for organized crime. The largest and most expansive criminal organization in the city was not controlled locally. The Ghastenhall crimelord Nicholas “Neck-breaker” Breuder had taken control of the thieves and mobsters in Daveryn five years ago in a brutal street war. He sent his own cousin Anton Breuder to oversee operations and ensure the gangster received his cut.

Anton Breuder was one of the first people to know the city was in trouble. His men on the docks saw bugbears using crude barges to float down to the sea caves north of Cliffside, in order to take the secret passage into the heart of the palace. When he received the report, the crime lord gathered up his most loyal lieutenants and immediately made for their safe house in the city sewers beneath old Tythers. There they remain.

Behind a well-hidden secret door in the sewers is a small complex of four rooms. It is here that Anton Breuder and two dozen footsoldiers have holed up. Anton believes that the army of the Fire-Axe is not going to occupy Daveryn for long. The bugbears will loot, burn and move on. All his gang has to do is hold out until the city is abandoned and they can rebuild their criminal empire.


Anton Breuder

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