Duchess Vanya of Veryn

Daveryn ruler and Asmodean worshipper


In the farm town of Angleton sits a single unsacked manor house. This is the House of Veryn and within dwells a Barcan blooded noblewoman – the Baroness Vanya of Veryn. Her family once ruled the Duchy of Daveryn but lost their rights to it when they supported Barca over Darius in the last war of succession.

When the Palace fell she committed none of her personal guard toward saving the city or Duke Martin (who she regards as an idiot). Instead, she tried to flee the city and half her guards perished at the hands of goblin wolfriders. The survivors fled back to her fortified manor house and there they remain. The redoubt is well provisioned and ready for a prolonged seige. She is certain the King of Talingarde must be on his way. Her goal is to discretely remain in her manor until he arrives.

This passive plan of inaction grates upon the baroness. She despises the House of Darius and detests the fact that she must rely upon those righteous fools for rescue. She is certain she could cut a deal with the Fire-Axe if only she could reason with someone in authority. She tried to treat with a roving warband of bugbears and all it accomplished was the gruesome deaths of more guards she can’t afford to lose. But as violent as the bugbears have been, they have proven incapable of seizing her manor.

The Baroness realizes all too well how precarious her situation is. One good push by the Fire-Axe and the best she can hope for is her head on a spike. But what other choice does she have? Certain that every day is her last, she locks herself in her extravagant wine closet and drinks herself unconscious every night. She prays to whatever gods may listen that this is not her end and, even though she is not particularly religious, she has begun fervently praying to Asmodeus recently.


Baroness Vanya is a potential ally. She is a genuinely evil Barcan noble. While not devout, she reveres Asmodeus for his doctrine of might makes right. For years, under the very nose of Duke Martin, the Baroness has kept the old shrine to the devil-god intact and used its blood-magic to keep herself vital and ageless. She is ready to betray House Darius in a heartbeat.

Duchess Vanya of Veryn

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