Chargammon the Black

DECEASED; The Ancient Black Dragon


Chargammon is a monster of legend. He is gigantic – just shy of fifty feet long. His frame is light for his size and still this beast crests more than forty five tons in weight. His wet skin is gloss black and everywhere a litany of scars and small wounds reveal centuries of foolish dragon hunters trying to slay this horror. His eyes burn red as hellfire and there is an almost palpable evil aura about him. The only light in his cavern is a half-dozen green ever-burning torches set on heavy iron sconces. They do little but cast the grotto into shadow and cause rippling green reflections of both fire and water to play across Chargammon’s massive form.

Chargammon himself moves through the water like a gargantuan water snake. The ancient dragon has an unusually acute sense of smell for his kind and so it is very difficult to surprise him in his lair. Chargammon’s first impulse is murder. He desires nothing more than to rip the guts out of foolish lesser races who invade his domain.

When Chargammon speaks, it is always in a rumbling hiss. He is quick to threaten, arrogant in the extreme and takes everything said to him personally. Make no mistake, Chargammon is a monster and the world would be better if he was slain. His first question is always the same of anyone who visits him.

“Has your life proven so worthless, sub-creature, that you have come here to offer it to me?”

Chargammon is ancient and utterly evil. He understands neither gratitude nor honor.


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Chargammon the Black

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