Eiramanthus the Traveller

DECEASED; The Ancient Copper Dragon


What the dragon has loved the most, he has collected on his island it is as much a museum of his travels as it is his home and sanctuary. Eiramanthus does not live alone. He abides upon this island with three beautiful inhuman consorts who he wooed in his travels.

The consorts are here by their own choice and though they are rivals for the attentions of Eiramanthus, they have also become friends. They will certainly cooperate against intruders to their magical island home. At times, petty moments of jealousy manage to creep into to this unconventional love quadrangle, but the wit and wisdom of mighty Eiramanthus always manages to soothe such consternation.

The dragon spends most of his time studying old volumes of forgotten lore and remembering his many exploits and adventures. His other tiem is spent visiting one of his consorts and wandering the crystal gardens in one of his various forms. He is considering another jaunt into the planes and doubtless will in the future. But for now, he is enjoying a decade or two of relaxation and keeping the three loves of his life from killing each other.


Eiramanthus the Traveller

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