Herr Volker Eisenmark

Infamous Mercenary General


Herr Volker Eisenmark is perhaps the Nine Kingdom’s most accomplished and infamous mercenary general. Famous for his ruthless sack of the city of Staszic, his name is synonymous with merciless slaughter. He is a jovial killer, quick to jest, easy to smile and utterly without mercy. He is the sort who will slap a man on the back and share a beer with him just before he slits his throat. In addition to being a remorseless murderer, he is also a capable general who has built a fine rapport with his men.

Herr Eisenmark was in his youth a handsome, darkhaired lad. Today, he is a scarred veteran soldier, missing an eye and most of his hair. He has a salt and pepper beard and an eye-patch of green dragon scale. He smokes an antique meerschaum pipe colored sepia with years of constant use. He wears a suit of fine (and magical) halfplate and wields a gigantic two-handed sword with a blade in the shape of a flame (a flamberge).

Herr Eisenmark commands five thousand veteran mercenaries. Two thousand men are heavy infantry wielding halberds and greatswords. Another two thousand are crossbowmen. The final thousand are heavy lancers – his feared Kriegsreiter Truppe.

Herr Eisenmark never accepts military rank. He is not a general nor a colonel nor a captain. He is simply Herr Eisenmark (literally Mister Eisenmark). When he makes a contract, he honors it to the letter. If you fail to include a clause that he must save you as well as conquer the city, do not expect Eisenmark to ride to the rescue.

Herr Eisenmark recognizes Cedrick Malthus for exactly what he is – a charlatan. But what has him curious is that he seems to be a charlatan with deep pockets. Clearly someone wealthy is bankrolling this buffoon. But who? It is that curiosity that has brought Herr Eisenmark to this assembly. His hope is that Cedrick will reveal himself as a thief and a liar, because if then true he could drag the man to a nearby tree and hang him until he is dead.


Herr Volker Eisenmark

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