Irfan al-Janbiya

Assassin and Last remaining member of the Erebian Knot


Chained in isolation within the prison is the remnant of one of Talingarde’s victories over the Knot of Thorns. There is a strange looking foreigner covered in exotic tattoos. He is one of the last remaining member of the Third Knot. This is Irfan al-Janbiya. His name literally means “the wisdom of the knife”.

He and his companions were brought here by Cardinal Thorn to assassinate King Markadian V. Unfortunately, they ran afoul of a paladin leading a small band.

They have already branded Irfan with a runic ‘F’ and he knows he was due to be shipped off to some place called Branderscar. But then Daveryn fell and he’s been trapped here. He has sworn an oath to see the king dead and remains fixated on his mission.


Irfan is not a worshipper of Asmodeus. Instead, he serves an infernal order of assassins from a far away land known as the Nine Knives. A mysterious emissary (a member of the Sixth Knot) contracted with his organization to perform this duty. He will pursue it to his death, but once the king is dead Irfan will be a man without a purpose.

Irfan al-Janbiya

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