Rodrigo Garza Diego Guillermo Valentino Estanza de Garradora

Swordmaster of the Balleryn School in Daveryn


The Balleryn (pronounced BALL-lair-in) school of dueling is little more than an open courtyard. wherein seven braggards humiliate all who dare challenge them. The headmaster is not from Talingarde. Rodrigo Garza Diego Guillermo Valentino Estanza de Garradora (usually Rodrigo will suffice) is definitely a foreigner. He’s a swarthy man of uncertain accent who occassionally breaks out in a rapid fire language no one on this island understands. Regardless, this short, dark and handsome foreigner has managed to establish himself as one of the premier swordsmasters for hire in just a few years, and gathered together a band of dedicated bravos desperate to prove themselves to their master.

Understand first that Rodrigo is, by any reasonable standard, insane. He has time enough for only three things in life: dueling, drinking and wooing. Yet, this isn’t what makes Rodrigo insane. His madness comes from his bravery. Where some men claim to be fearless, Rodrigo is very nearly so. He believes himself the greatest swordsman in the world and will eagerly take any challenge to that title. He never refuses a duel (even though dueling is patently illegal in Talingarde) and is all too eager to prove his prowess with a blade to anyone who happens by.

Rodrigo was amongst the most hated men in Daveryn before the city fell. He has dueled, cuckolded and disgraced so many nobles that it is a wonder he survived to see the city fall. Despite several solid tries, the minions of the Fire-Axe have failed to slay him and his surviving students. In fact, Rodrigo has decorated the entryway to the courtyard of his school with the heads of three ogres, five bugbears, eight goblins and one hill giant. Beside the heads written is blood is scrawled the words "Open for business. All challengers welcome.”


Rodrigo is completely unconcerned with ideology. He will happily follow a devotee of Asmodeus (or any other evil god) as long as he is allowed to perfect the art of dueling.

Rodrigo Garza Diego Guillermo Valentino Estanza de Garradora

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