People of Book One

Branderscar Prison

Mathias Richter, the prison warden
Tomas Blackerly, the corrupt sergeant
Grumblejack, the ogre briefly rescued from the prison

Cardinal Thorn’s Manor

Cardinal Thorn, Asmodean high priest; Master of the Knot of Thorns
Tiadora, a sarcastic devil and servant of Cardinal Thorn.
Elise Zadaria, mysterious witch; Leader of the Seventh Knot
Dostan Alfson, a taciturn barbarian; Member of the Seventh Knot
Titus Rackburn, a cleric of Asmodeus; Member of the Seventh Knot
Tallus Rackburn, hunter of men; Member of the Seventh Knot
Sir Balin, legendary witch-hunter
Timeon, Sir Balin’s yellow squire

The Journey North

Kargeld Odenkirk, over-greedy captain
Nerianus, triton oracle of Mitra slain by the Nessian Knot
Sakkarot Fire-Axe, a bugbear warlord; Leader of the First Knot

Fort Balentyne and Aldencross

Thomas Havelyn, Lord of Balentyne and Paladin of Mitra.
Father Donnagin, High clergyman of the Balentyne
Samual Barhold, senior captain of the Balentyne
Franz Mott, captain of the Balentyne, turned cuckold and murderer
Zach Eddarly, captain of the Balentyne murdered by Franz Mott
Ryan Varning, captain of the fort’s rangers
Tacitus, magister of the Balentyne.
Kaitlyn Mott, the beautiful but unfaithful wife of Franz
Bronwyn Havelyn, long-dead wife of Thomas

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People of Book One

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