People of Book Three


Barnabus Thrane, scholar in residence at the Library of Ghaster
Mala Silentall, owner of Mala’s Bardic Wonders
Mundo Markham, owner of Mundo’s Magnificent Magical Menagerie
Mister Martigan Vex, proprietor of the Golden Palace in Ghastenhall’s Red Quarter
Raiju the Exile, aka Raiju the Ronin, an Ogre Mage
Dessiter of the Phistophilus, Contract Demon in the Employ of Asmodeus
Gaius Vestromo, the Vampire Prince of Ghastenhall
Zashur Arzen, Duergan Thane of Zhaanzen-Kryr
Izevel the Accursed, half-fiendish medusa

Vale of Valtaerna

Muriel The-Flame-That-Sings, Peri guardian of the Mountain of the Phoenix
Suchandra, the Phoenix of the Mountain
Sambethe, the Oracle of Mitra
The Master of Serenity, the Head of the Serene Order
Taranea of the Ghaele, the Emissary in White

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People of Book Three

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