People of Book Two

The Knot of Thorns

Cardinal Thorn, Asmodean high priest; Master of the Knot of Thorns
Tiadora, a sarcastic devil and servant of Cardinal Thorn.


Lord Argus Welshire, Duke of Farholde
Sir Valin Darian, 2nd in command of the Castle Hamorhall
Baron Arkov Vandermir, Baron of Mir and Westell
Liare Lagaria, aka Samson Brass, of the Farholde black market
Aiden Kael, sole Member of the Fourth Knot
Elise Zadaria, mysterious witch; Leader of the Seventh Knot
Dostan Alfson, a taciturn barbarian; Member of the Seventh Knot
Titus Rackburn, a cleric of Asmodeus; Member of the Seventh Knot
Tallus Rackburn, hunter of men; Member of the Seventh Knot

The Horn of Abaddon

Jurak the Elder, a treant who guarded the horn
Kumanda Slays-Nine-Men, previous leader of the Boggard tribe
Hallack Amon, retired watch sergeant and would-be adventurer
Sister Marta Dian, priestess of Mitra
Yorgun the Smith, dwarf blacksmith with a big hammer
James O’Toole, a large brawler
Bianca DeVallya, a local bard and singer who knows a little magic.
Posca the Merchant, Cleric and trickster of Traya’s Raiders
Hassan J’raaq, Barbarian and consort of Traya’s Raiders
Father Matthias Harkon, Inquisitor of Mitra and Head of Harkon’s Hands
Brother Armand Vyte, a young acolyte who worked closely with Father Harkon
Thomas the Penitent, a young lad who was blackmailed into joining Father Harkon
One-Eye, a dire tiger who hunted in the Caer Bryr
Bethaniel and Darus Dandra, a pair of Moon Dog Sisters who tried to take the Horn
Trithaxus, a Gorgimera that attacked the Horn, only to be captured
Brastius Star-Feather, an Avoral who attempted to stop the Ninth
Calliaste Shanda, a dark-skinned Lillend
Argossarian, young adult silver dragon who attempted to purify the Horn
Sir Richard Thomasson Havelyn, Son of Lord Thomas Havelyn, Sons of the Balentyne
Brother Carthus Donnagin, Brother of Father Donnagin, Sons of the Balentyne
Erik “the Falconer” Varning, Brother of Captain Ryan Varning, Sons of the Balentyne
“Mad” Meinhard Mott, Brother of Captain Franz Mott, Sons of the Balentyne

“Allies” in the Horn

Vetra-Kali Eats-the-Eyes, Archdaemon of Pestilence
Zikomo Hears-the-Father, high priest of the Boggard tribe
Ezra Thrice-Damned, Sons of the Pale Horseman High Priest
Hexor and Vexor, ceustodaemons demon servitors of Vetra-Kali
Halthus the Flayer, the last Son of the Pale Horseman
Artephius, alchemical golem and cohort of the Nessian Knot.
Traya DeMarco, leader and fire sorceress of Traya’s Raiders
Tasker Twelve-Knives, Rogue and womanizer of Traya’s Traiders
Cartharian Rex, Nightmare servant of Davriel
Tisaera and Melinoe, Erinyes Allies of Thorn

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People of Book Two

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