NG Large city
Government autocracy chosen by the monarchy in Matharyn
Population 23,500 (11,052 humans; 6,140 dwarves; 4802 halflings, 2204 half-elves; 852 elves, 1450 other)


The city is named after the halfling Duke Louis Vaasten, who reigned as Regent just before line of Darius claimed the kingdom, as it was established by halfling colonists and strongly influenced by their culture. It is well known for its distinct halfling and dwarven architecture, as well as its cross-cultural and multilingual heritage. Vaasten is also famous for its cuisine, music, and its annual celebrations and festivals.

It is the most diverse region on all the kingdom, and because of this, often ignored by most. This ends up working out well for the various underworld markets in the city who can then work with far less scrutiny. The black-market here is one of the most lucrative in the kingdom, especially the slave trade. Men who walk down the back alleys of Vaasten often go missing for years at a time. They are drugged, captured, and sold to one of the many ship captains who dock in the ports.

The Knights of the Alerion will routinely run raids of the red districts of Vaasten, though they usually don’t get much. The citizens there have become very adept at hiding their dark deeds from the prying eyes of the Mitran knights. This is only helped by the fact that the knights do very little to hide their presence. That said, they do occasionally bag a slaver or mob boss. When they do, those poor souls inevitably end up at the dreaded Branderscar Prison.


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